Call To Action…

This very powerful video marketing tool has the ability to implement a Call to Action in many different ways.

This option ONLY available for Popup Welcome Videos

Clickable Button

The Clickable Button can be linked to a page with your phone number or special offer. There is any number of ways to utilize this feature to gain leads. It can be designed to appear instantly as your spokesperson begins, or delayed in order to strike right at the most opportune moment.

Date Countdown

The Date Countdown allows your special offer to be available for a limited time. This unique feature creates urgency to action.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer reaches zero, a special message or discount code is revealed. Capture your customer’s attention while they wait by having them check out your site.

Opt-in Box

Here we have the good, old-fashioned, tried and true Opt-In Box. This tool works in conjunction with building a list of your customers and integrates with all major Auto Responders on the market today. The Opt-In can be designed to appear instantly as the Avatar starts, or delayed to appear right at the most opportune moment.

Black Out

The Black Out is one of our more unique Call to Action features. When your spokesperson first appears the whole page blacks out, and your visitor cannot exit the site until your message has been delivered. Once done access to the page returns to normal. This powerful tool is extremely compelling when used in the appropriate way.

Exit Pop

Last and certainly not least, we can transform your spokesperson into an Exit Pop. What this means is, when a visitor comes to your page everything will appear as normal until they start to exit the page, at that time the spokesperson pops to life. Not only does this capture the attention, but it’s a great last chance for a final pitch before they exit your site.