Congratulations! We have received your order and will be in touch shortly to go over everything with you.

In order to record your best video possible, please watch the short 5-minute video above and read everything on this page.

Put some thought into what you are going to say. Come prepared with a script or bullet points. If you feel you need help with this let us know beforehand. Send us an outline with bullet points of what you want to say and we can give you feedback.

Before coming to studio rehearse your script several times in front of a mirror and tweak it until what you are saying feels natural to you.

Wear something dark and conservative. A dark-colored coat, shirt, tie, dress, etc.  Do not wear anything with wild patterns on it. It is best to not wear or be holding anything white and under no circumstances wear or be holding anything green.  If you feel you need to wear something more bright and colorful then a solid bright blue will work well.

You will be given a spot to stand to do the video. Once you are set on that point do not move your feet or legs.

Prepare yourself mentally before the camera is turned on.  Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and clear your head of any negative thoughts. If you just had a tough day at the office or your mind is on work, let it go, put it completely out of your head.

Next, before the camera starts, think of something, anything that makes you very happy. It could be your spouse, kids, last summer’s vacation, that big client you just landed, money, etc. Keep yourself in that mental state as the camera is rolling.

Make sure your eyes are open you are smiling when the camera starts. Once it does start in your head slowly count to three before you start speaking!! End with a smile too!

Speak with emotion. Be happy, be passionate, and show some excitement about what you are talking about.

If you mess up or stumble, don’t worry about it. Rarely will the first attempt be the final one. That is true even for seasoned professional actors.  Simply stop, clear your head, and go through the mental exercises again we mentioned earlier.

Remember, ½ hour studio time is included with your package and gives you more than enough time to record your best video possible but only if you follow the guidelines we give you on this page.

By practicing your script at home, arriving on time and wearing appropriate clothing, you will avoid additional studio time which may result in extra fees to you.

Recap Before You Book Your Studio Time!

  1. Have an outline and rehearse it BEFORE you enter the studio
  2. Wear dark clothes, no stripes or anything GREEN!
  3. Smile and Smile at the end too!
  4. Payment is due at studio time at the time of the shooting
  5. Send website and Facebook access for uploading
  6. Also, have fun!!!!

If you have ANY questions please contact us at 208-806-0202. We will be happy to run through all the details.