Congratulations! We have received your order and will be in touch shortly to go over everything with you.

In the meantime please give some thought as to what you want your Professional Spokesperson to say about your business.

To start we suggest writing out several bullet points that cover the benefits of your business, as opposed to directly talking about your product or service. Keep in mind, no one likes to be sold.

When you feel you have these points down and you get it done before our consolation together copy and paste it into the box below and submit. If you want to write out the script yourself beforehand that is fine to.

Take some time to think about this. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it when you have your points written out.

We will go over it with you and have you approve the final copy before sending it off to the studio to be recorded.

A couple things to keep in mind.

  1. The spokesperson will read the script exactly how it is written. So, we need to make sure there are no mistakes in grammar or meaning.
  2. The script will need to be able to be naturally read in one minute or less. The standard for a one-minute script is around 150 words.

If you have ANY questions, please contact us at 208-806-0202. We will be happy to run through all the details