Website Welcome Video

We can turn your video into a Website Welcome Video who greets every visitor to your website 24/7/365. There is no remake or redesign of your website required. Using this method will entice visitors to stay on your site longer.

FaceBook Promotion Video

We can take an image you provide us of your place of business or elsewhere and insert it behind the person you choose to be your spokesperson; it will appear as if they are right in your office promoting your business. Great for anything from a FaceBook promotion to a TV Commercial.

Facebook Banner Video

Let us take the video and have it play right on top of the Banner of your Facebook page. This is a very unique and eye-catching way to engage people on Facebook. People will be anxious to like and share this with their friends.


Choose from any one of our professionals to be the spokesperson for your business. Then choose any one of the three video styles shown below.

This is our library of experienced actors we have on hand to hire as your spokesperson. When you see someone you want us to use in your video just write it down and let us know who it is during our consultation together.

Not all actors are available at all times. If the one you choose is not available we will let you know so we can find a comparable replacement.


We hire a Professional Actor to be your Spokesperson
 Professional Consultation on Your Script
 Up to one minute play time
 30% or more Discount on Future Video*
 This Package Available in all areas
 No Extra Charge for Studio Time

* - Covers up to one year. Subscription Available at checkout for additional years

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